Bro. Solomon Morris’s Endorsement

Communication with Bro. Solomon Morris, Principal, St. Edmunds School, Shillong

Dear Reverend Brother Morris,

We Edmundians owe so much to our Alma Mater that some of us brainstormed as to what would be the best tribute to pay to the school during its Centenary Year. We thought that offering the testimony of the life skills St. Edmund’s taught us would be a fitting tribute.

Jai Sehgal and I have set up a website called Seppan Authors. Here’s the link to the site:

A feature called “Edmundians Reminisce” records exactly what its title declares: Memories of our schooldays. May I request you to read some of the loving memories Edmundians have recorded? Here is the link to the feature:

There are two reasons I’ve written this e-mail. One, to seek your cooperation in requesting present and past Edmundians to contribute to this feature. There’s a template on the website that they can complete and send to either Jai or me. Jai’s e-mail address is:; mine is

The second is to request you to include information about the website on the official program of the celebrations. Our objective is that such mention will keep Edmundians sending in their memories “recollected in tranquility” long after the Centenary celebrations have become a memory.

With respect and gratitude,

Murli Melwani


Dear Murli,

Thank you so much for your letter. Deeply sorry for responding so late.  Edmundians Reminisce is a brilliant idea and I will encourage the other SEPPANS to contribute to the link. Hope the response will be good. I will mention in the school website about the seppan authors.

Thank you very much for the contribution.

Stay in touch and God bless.

br solomon

Comment from Bro. Morris:

Brilliant idea! Super writers! Great articles and keep up the good work EDMUNDIAN WRITERS! Will spread the word and links to as many people as I think

Thank you, Rev Brother Solomon, for your kind words, encouragement and support.

Jai and Murli”