Edmundians Reminisce

Please publish remembrances of your St. Edmundian years. The Centenary Celebration of St. Edmund’s School occurs in 2016, so this is a great time to hear from present students, alumni, teachers, and administrators. All topics and perspectives are welcome.  There is no minimum length requirement.  You may have a one-sentence memory–that is OK!  We just want to hear from you.  Photographs are encouraged, too.  We intend to keep this section as a living collection of reminisces of our school and would welcome contributions even after the Centenary is over.

Please use the ‘Contact Us’ page at this website to submit your papers. Use the comment box for your story. Please include the years that you attended St. Edmund’s and the word ‘REMINISCE’ at the top of the comment box.  All responses must be in English.  Our associate editors will be happy to edit your input for spelling, word choice, and sentence structure if you feel your English writing skills are a little rusty.  All submissions will be published on this page, listed alphabetically by submitter name.  You are free to submit as many reminisces as you like as  random memories keep coming up.

Do you think you are the oldest surviving Edmundian?  Then please let us know along with your remembrances and photograph. We would love to recognize your achievement!

Comment from Bro. Morris:

Brilliant idea! Super writers! Great articles and keep up the good work EDMUNDIAN WRITERS! Will spread the word and links to as many people as I think ….



Jai (John) Sehgal – Class of 1960

Willie Wood – Joined St. Edmund’s in 1940

Murli Das Melwani – Class of 1955

Ananya Guha – Poem

Naveed Ali Ahmed – Class of 1965

Palit Kagti -a.k.a. prospective President of India

Nilmoni Sikdar – Class of 1952

Murli shares a cartoon

Bro. Solomon Morris’s endorsement