Fashioning a Web Site

When the question came up of the color scheme for the Seppan website, the answer was easy. Seppans grew up amidst green hills and under blue skies with fluffy white clouds ( of course there were grey clouds and rain too; but memory tends to be selective!).

I gave Marc Mumby, who had designed an earlier website for me, pictures of hills, waterfalls, a lake and a logo commemorating the forthcoming 100 years centenary and told to shrink them into a header.

When Marc put these together and emailed them to me, the collage resembled a sexless scantily dressed woman. I decided to take a back seat and told Marc  to give his aesthetic sense full play.

I’m glad I did. A few days later, Marc wrote “The pictures of Shillong were so beautiful that I thought they should be more visible. Therefore, instead of shrinking them all down to fit in a header, I have set them up to display as a series of photos on the front page.” He was talking about the website you are looking at now.

This website transported me back to my school days. I was glad I gave Marc a blank check.

Although Marc has lived in India, and seen a fair part of the country, I have a suspicion that, in a previous avatar, he must have been a Seppan.

One thought on “Fashioning a Web Site

  1. Indeed Murli’s decision to give Marc a blank check was a good one. The landscapes are so seductive that I feel I am being lured back to Shillong again! But I wonder if things will be what they were in our heydays – the fifties and sixties.

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