Norbert Jana Nongbet

Author of:

The Curves of Life 


Norbert Jana Nongbet was born in Shillong, Meghalaya, in 1995. He passed out from St. Dominic Savio’s Higher Secondary School, Mawkhar, Shillong in 2012 and completed his high school from Shillong College, Laitumkhrah, Shillong in 2014.

A Graphic Designer by profession, he has been in this field for the past 7 years. “The Curves of Life” is his first book published. This book is a culmination of his passion for writing and storytelling – a writer at heart.




How intriguing life is, with its many curves. We dream and aspire, yet it is not as simple as it seems. This book is an exploration of a man’s journey in pursuit of what love is and whether he will find love? Life is a matter of choices and taking chances that determine what the road lies ahead for us. Take a chance and this shall be an enjoyable and memorable read.


“Imagine describing each chapter of your life using one word. Is it too easy or is it difficult? Can all your memories, experiences, ups and downs, encounters, relations, aspirations, fit into words?

Well even if you can’t, the author did. Each chapter is named aptly, with one word that encompasses the feeling portrayed in the narrative.” – Darshayita

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“Jacob who was madly in love with Emilia found it difficult to move on after one fine day, Emilia disappeared without giving him answers. To find the answers and to cope up with the loss, Jacob decided to move and where he met Helen, who gave him a new perspective and gave him hope.

The book teaches us to take chances, that determine what the road lies ahead for us. With an easy plot, and simple narrative, Norbert’s The Curves of Life is filled with drama and layers of emotions.” – Vidhya Thakkar

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“With each chapter passing by, you would sense the depth of their relationship becoming stronger and Jacob having to go to work, with a new meaning. Be it, rain or sunshine, Jacob’s day was always warm and bright. Later on, the story begins to take on an intriguing structure that may cause you to reflect on a life full of unpredictability.

Even though the book consists of 80 pages, the author has done a lovely job describing each character with such simplicity that you would not feel like putting the book down. I would highly recommend reading this book while relaxing with a cup of tea in the evening.” – Avinash Priya

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“Our book in review today, The Curves of Life, is one such title that explores the dynamics of such surreal ergonomics and explore the delicate intricacies of its fine emotions such as the importance of celebrating the vitality of it always. Jacob, his love story with Emilia, the progression of his relationship, the exploration of the tiny threads of love that blossom between them and the latter occurrences is something I reveled in whilst reading this one.

Whether Jacob manages to embrace life and understand the importance of familial love, friends and relationships over other things in life, back again or whether he remains stuck for life is what remains to be seen.” – Booxoul (Neelam)

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