Murli Melwani

Murli Melwani (class of 1955) worked in his father’s textiles store after completing his BA, (also from St Edmund’s College). He maintained his Seppan connection (through Romen Barooah and Indrajit Barua) when he served as the Coca Cola distributor for Shillong. He taught English Literature at Sankardev College for 10 years, 1970-80. Since he describes himself as a jack of odd trades, he started a book shop in 1973. What he learnt was: “you meet the best people in a book store.” In 1980, he made a mid-career change to head an export house in Taiwan. He did this for 25 years. His business required him to travel to various parts of the world. He moved to Miami in 2005 and to Plano, Texas in 2007. He says that he’s never been busier than in his retirement, with things he can’t remember, some important, some not, some useful, some not.