Instructions for Authors

Instructions for filling in the Edmundian Author’s Template

In order to facilitate the capture of information for inclusion in the Edmundian Writer’s website, related to the books you have published, it will be necessary for you to fill in and submit the information using the Edmundian Author’s Data Sheet (MS Word), which you can download by clicking Edmundian Authors Template – Data Sheet. Download the template, open and edit it with Microsoft Word.

Note: those submitting unpublished material, or web published material, can send the material free-form to Murli. Please include a photo and a short biography.

Please complete the template as specified below and mail it to Murli Melwani at Once the information is received it will be vetted by our editors and transcribed to the website for all to view.

Additions to an author’s existing information, such as adding a new book or adding a new review, can be provided on the same form. The same will be applicable for changes to existing information that has already been published. Rather than complicating the form, use the template as is and in your email state if it is an addition or a change.

  1. List of Books you have published:

Enter the names of each book you have published. Once you press ‘Enter’, you can enter the next book and so on. We have made provision for up to five books, but if you have more, please submit an additional form.

  1. Your Photo:

Insert your photograph from your computer into this box. If you do not have a photo, please leave this blank.

  1. Your bio:

Enter a brief biography, including when and where you were born, where you studied and worked and general information about yourself.

  1. Summary of Book #1:

A brief write up that sums up the storyline of the book and general background, which would be of interest to anyone who wants to know about what the book is all about. Concentrate on the book’s theme and plot.

  1. Cover picture of the book:

You could either take a picture of the cover of the book and insert this or obtain a picture from your publisher and copy and paste it here.

  1. Text review of the book:

If someone has published a review of your book for a newspaper, magazine or website, please copy and paste the entire review here, along with the name of the reviewer and when and where it was published.

  1. Links to other reviews of the book:

If you have more than one review of your book, please provide web links to each of these reviews.

If there is more than one book that you have written, please repeat steps 4 through 7 for each book.

  1. Links to critiques, articles you have written:

In this section you could share more information about other literary work that you have undertaken.

  1. Any other information:

Use this section for any other pertinent information that you feel the reader could gain benefit. For instance, if you have a new book being written, or perhaps some literary conference you have attended or plan to attend, this would be a good place to enter it.


As a guideline, we have attached a document that has been filled in for the works of Mr. Ankush Saikia. Click Edmundian Authors Template – Ankush Saikia Data Sheet to download the example data sheet.

If you have any questions, please contact Murli Melwani at For technical questions about the form, please contact Jai Sehgal at