Korobi Saikia

Author Of :

Whispering Pines: a childhood in the abode of the clouds


Korobi Saikia was born in Shillong where she studied at St Mary’s Convent and St Mary’s College after which she read English Literature at the University of Delhi. During her career, which began in the mid 1970s, she worked in the publishing and advertising industries, and taught students at various higher educational institutions across India.


She has lived both in India and in England, finally settling down in Western India.



WHISPERING PINES by Korobi Saikia presents a slice of daily life in the hills of Shillong and, to an extent, in the plains of Assam soon after India became independent.

It also provides a glimpse of a community which became irretrievably fragmented a mere twenty years or so after it was formed on account of a change of state borders and the creation of a new state. Although it touches on three wars — two between India and Pakistan, and one with China — as well as on communal loyalties which became increasingly pronounced during that period, unlike most other books set in Shillong, WHISPERING PINES focuses not on the communal tensions which shook the town in the 1980s but on the more placid times which preceded them.